Inside Sales Leadership Inspiration

Too often I think that in sales we become myopic in our view – only looking at sales writing or the so called gurus of the field for inspiration. I go a  different direction – looking outside to find my sales inspiration!

Here is my sample from a few weeks ago:

  • a helicopter ride from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon (hence the picture)
  • “It’s generosity that keeps the engine running” ~ Austin Kleon from his UX Week 2012 presentation
  • “let go of the expectations and do it for fun.” ~ Leo Babauta from his Just For Fun post
  • heard some fantastic arrangements written on music I love last night by Ray Agnew live at the Left Bank Cafe
  • I’m forever grateful to Tina Roth Eisenberg for finding cool stuff and sharing it with the world.
  • “Maybe stories are just data with a soul” ~ Dr. Brené Brown from her TEDxHouston talk
  • “Always stretch enough to be uncomfortable; it tells you you’re growing!” ~ Kristie W. Evans of HR Logistics

Then I weave that inspiration into my sales universe and modify the message to fit my world – my team – my style. Of course I also use threads from ‘traditional’ sales and leadership stuff too!

Inspiration can come from anywhere, the unexpected, the tangents of life; accept them and bring them into your inside sales leadership world – inspiring your team to think differently – act bravely – conquer new challenges – soar.

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