Learning New Stuff – Inside Sales Career Success (2 of 3)

“Never stop learning. If you learn one new thing every day, you will overcome 99% over your competition.” ~ Joe Carlozo

Earlier this month was ‘read a book day’ (September 6th to be exact). Greg Link, co-author of Speed of Trust wrote about how Stephen Covey would read a book a week and how much that inspired him. This post is not here to dictate what or how you learn new stuff.

What it is here to do is remind you that if you have an Inside Sales Career and want to see more SUCCESS, you have to continue to learn new stuff!

What if you take 15 minutes EVERY (work) DAY to listen – watch – read, something that will make you a better inside salesperson.


To an audio book, pod cast, radio show, teleclass. Find something that will inspire you or teach you a new skill. Hey – use your commute time to & from work that way you don’t have to fit it into an already tight day, it’s time you have already built in.


A YouTube video, ‘inside sales’ brought back about 26,500 results there is probably something there that will strike a cord. Many experts have video blogs instead of written ones so check out the sites of people you know and love already.


Perhaps you’d prefer to read something; it can be a book, but what about blog posts or news articles instead? The idea is to expose yourself to ideas in ways that you haven’t heard them expressed before.

Once you’ve started, you’ll probably find yourself looking forward to your 15 minute learning break. You might even choose to extend it to *gasp* 30 minutes (or not). Once you get into the learning habit, keep it up – you’ll find more Inside Sales Career Success as you continue.l

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