What are you doing today – to make tomorrow better?

As I sit here with a bunch of small piles of paper all over my desk; sorting, doing, editing – I realized sometimes activity is just that…

a Ferris Wheel Ride – although we’re going around and around and around, we aren’t really going anywhere.

It is even FUN and EXCITING; nope, still not getting anywhere.

Instead of continuing on this ride, start to ask yourself a question:

How will what am I doing, make tomorrow better?

You get to define what ‘better’ looks like in your career. Perhaps you’re looking: for more customers, to increased revenue with existing accounts, to get rid of some dead weight.

Whatever it is, measure up your current activity with what you want to achieve.

Then the wheel will be more like an old time steamship, where every revolution is moving you forward toward that goal.

STOP ‘doing’ an start ‘producing’ – then at the end of each day you can look at what you’ve accomplished rather than what you finished.

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