Sales Skills

Why? Because Career Maximization, Person Before Product and Telesales Baselines are all part of the “Basics of Telesales!”

Your organizations needs are what drive the format we use to train your people in and about telesales. The number one issue that telesales people have when going to training is having to translate a face to face concept into their phone sales environment.

FYI: most of them can’t, won’t, or don’t know how to make the translation… so instead they do nothing with the training content!

On top of that most inside sales organizations freak out when someone offers them full day or even half day training sessions. The unease at having people off the phone has created everything from quick tips and tricks, cram sessions, to one hour training options. Training combined with follow through coaching is another option, proven to help individuals on your team implement new skills and ideas lickety split.

The Basics

Career Maximization
Keep the best inside salespeople in your organization by helping them to view telesales as a profitable career. These topics help transform fresh faces into seasoned professionals.
• Career Management
• Goal Setting
• Action and Forward Movement

Process Before Product
Instead of talking about your product or services these classes stress the importance of moving thorough a sales process. Everything starts with asking questions and if you have something you already use, will incorporate your existing vocabulary for continuity.
• Climb the Opportunity Pyramid
• Objection Handling
• Questioning to Listen

Telesales Baseline
Although we aren’t big on sports analogies, baseline transcends baseball. There are some skills that need to be stressed right away that are different in telesales than in face-to-face sales.
• Driving Behaviors
• Using Resources Wisely
• Voicemail for Call Backs
• Your Organization Style

And Beyond

Advanced Strategies & Tactics
Every salesperson has developed “their way” of moving from cold call to customer; these topics will give new ideas to add into “their way” rather than looking to make wholesale changes in the sales process.
• Consultative Selling
• The Customer’s Sales Cycle
• Language of Learning

Emotional Intelligence
One of the two things we can control in our lives is attitude (the other is effort). Emotional Intelligence is the integration of psychology and neuroscience in the brain. These topics will not be scientific; rather will be around the ideas of perceiving, controlling, and evaluating our own emotions. The result is that the participant will be more able to discriminate among their emotions and guide their own actions.
• The Sales Intro
• Pattern Interrupt
• Scripts are Real

Power Tools
Are perception changing techniques to move the participants forward in life and career. Some of the classes are modified from the course content Lynn Hidy took while at the International Coach Academy specifically to relate the concepts to sales. Others have been created by as an expansion on the theme.
• Action vs. Delay
• Refusal vs. Rejection
• Respond vs. React

Talent Building
Instead of expending effort on areas of weakness the idea of talent building focuses on utilizing the things that feel effortless to move us forward. The less strain in “the doing” the more energy is available to problem solve, be creative, and have fun while achieving our goals.
• Effortless Improvement
• Leverage Your Gifts
• Driving Success



Along with Leadership and Management

All of our topics also come in a leadership and management format. Many of our clients have their front line sales managers and leadership team participate in these sessions to ensure the concepts their salespeople have learned transform into behavior change.

Other managers are looking for tools to improve their own abilities and participate without a companion sales training program.

All About YOU:

Not happy with out of the box solutions? Want the training tailored to your organization, business, industry – no worries we can work with you to develop what you need.