How We Do It

Most inside sales organizations freak out when offered full or even half day training sessions. The unease at having people off the phone has pushed us to create shorter sessions: 15 minute quick tips, cram sessions, one-hour trainings, and more. The key is that this method must involve a series of sessions to create behavior change.

Training combined with follow through coaching is another option, proven to help individuals on your team implement new skills and ideas lickety split.

What Do We Do?

We understand that focus brings excellence. UpYourTeleSales is focused on upping your sales – telesales in particular. We work with salespeople, sales managers, and business owners who are experts at what they do but would like to attract more clients, more quickly.

How Do We Do It?

1. Coaching:

Looking for a way to focus individuals and increase their revenue & margin production?

Tired of a one size fits all training approach?

Most people roll their eyes when someone says ‘coaching’ so we almost put this list in reverse alphabetical order. Plus we haven’t come up with any fun way to describe it – hmmm perhaps using the hoyte toyte language we could think of will at least make you smile and understand what we’re talking about:

“Coaching takes place through conversations with an environment of structured focused intentions. These conversations will have purposeful interaction with a goal of creating awareness and initiating action for long-term change.”

We bet you still have no idea what coaching is (sigh). We don’t even want to do it base on that description, so why do we? well…. it is WAY better to participate in coaching than to try and describe it, email us to set up a free 30 minute coaching conversation,


When coaching salespeople, our efforts together typically produce a 19% increase in sales the six months after they work with us!

How cool is that? Plus we only looked at sales results ($$$), so we didn’t count any of the hard to measure squishy improvements like; reducing stress, feeling better about your job, or meeting personal goals.

The increase was actually 22% when you look at the increase against the control group! Looking for some more definitive info on this?

The math doesn’t seem like fun I know, but hey — not knowing if coaching works was bugging us so we figured it was bugging you too.

2. Consulting:

  • Have you ever faced a problem and felt like you were working with the borg?
  • Has your team lost the ability to brainstorm?
  • Do you wish someone with new and different ideas would be there when you need them?

Every organization can benefit from an outside, non-judgmental perspective. There are times when being close to the situation doesn’t allow the vision required to make necessary changes.

Let us wear the glasses! offers 20/20 vision for sales leaders, departments, organizations, and individuals to help map a quicker course for improvement. We will work with you to evaluate your existing sales organization or training programs, make recommendations, and help you read the eye chart.

3. Seminars:

  • Do you (or the salespeople on your team) hate training?
  • Is training viewed as a necessary evil in your organization?
  • Sick of taking time away from selling and having nothing change?

We hate feeling that way too (anyone else hear Journey lyrics when they read that?) so we encourage participation, use real sales world examples, and end with an action item that people can try right away! See our Skill Center for a rather boring topic list – hey we need you to know what we are talking about.

“I Tried Out for Cheerleading in Junior High School” (Who thought that was a good idea?) is a catchy title but do you have any idea what we would be teaching?

4. Speaking:

  • Tired of the same old sales meetings?
  • Trying to find a way to energize and excite your team?

UpYourTeleSales would be delighted to bring our up your style to you. Lynn always seems to find ways to make stodgy sales topics entertaining.

A few organizations Lynn has presented to in the past include the CNY Sales and Marketing Executives, the Syracuse Chamber of Commerce, Syracuse University, Toastmasters International, and WomenTIES.

Crazy as it sounds; all of them invited her to come back!