Q1 is over are you a quarter of the way there?

It’s the end of March. 3 months out of 12 are over.

Q1 is over are you a quarter of the way there?

I know that in sales we tend to go

> month to month
> quarter to quarter

when we look at our progress and success.

I believe it’s a big mistake to not project out further!

An easy first step is to look at your progress toward an annual goal you’ve set for yourself.

When I bring this up, a lot of salespeople say “but I don’t know what THEY are going to set for my goal annually.”

I don’t care about the goal your company sets for you. I care about the goal you set for yourself.

What is something you’d LOVE to be able to do that requires money?

How much?

Now, what would you need to sell this year to earn that amount in commission?

See what I did there? I made you quickly set a financial goal.

Now answer my question; Q1 is over are you a quarter of the way there?

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Where do great #InsideSales ideas come from?

“Hey Lynn, Where do great inside sales ideas come from?” is a question that I hear over and over again from people who lead and manage inside sales teams.

There are three distinct answers depending on the conversation.

First and most frequently given = OUTSIDE the world of sales.
> many of my ideas are inspired by people who wouldn’t think of themselves as “sales experts.” Last year I answered the question who are the 18 people who inspire you? and 14 of them are outside of sales.

Secondly – from inside sales experts.
> there are a lot of people out there you can learn from and take kernels of what they say to come up with the next great inside sales idea for your team.

One of my personal go-to sources for inside sales inspiration is Trish Bertuzzi of the Bridge Group check out her blog or the Inside Sales Experts LinkedIn group she created.

Third – is information on a specific sales topic then translated so it works using inside sales tactics.
> Alice Kemper, Debbie Mrazek, Janice Mars, Lisa Magnuson, Nancy Bleeke, and Shawn Karol Sandy come immediately to mind. Along with Anthony Iannarino, Jeb Blount, Jim Keenan, Seth Godin, and Tim Ohai.

Let me know where YOUR great inside sales ideas come! I’d love to add to my list.

why is listening the most important sales skill?

I learn a lot from the students in my classes. A few weeks ago I learned a lot by a question one of the participants asked.

why is listening the most important sales skill?

The next 15 minutes were a great discussion around communication that got us to the answer. Here is the condensed version:

> Listening allows us to hear what is important to our prospects and customers.
> Hearing what is important gives us insight and understanding into their world.
> Sharing our understanding is what begins building trust.
> Trust is required before they will listen to our ideas, solutions, etc.

Maybe my graphic should be a circle instead of an upward arrow…

3 reasons I love #InsideSales BINGO

Today I’d like to share the 3 reasons I love Inside Sales BINGO

Reason #1 = you can play either frustration bingo OR success bingo!

Choosing if you’ll track all the GREAT things you need for a successful month OR the frustrating things that happen in an inside sales job.

#2 it is a contest that rewards the people on your team for doing their jobs well!

It may be the behaviors that will get them to success, results that show progress, or frustrations that show they’re putting in the effort.

#3 once you’ve created B I N G O you can reuse it anytime you’re looking to drive behaviors and results.

Email me if you’d like a PowerPoint copy of B I N G O to customize for your organization.

MEmail vs. email (inspired by @ThisIsSethsBlog)

I’m always going on… and on… and on about how prospects and customers don’t care what you do – they care what you do for THEM.

add in that I’m a bit of a Ted Talk junkie and it will not surprise you that I was struck when Seth Godin said no one wants email they want MEmail.

I started to think about HOW to do this more effectively as an inside sales person. Here are a few ideas to consider implementing:

1. write for people who SPECIFICALLY wants to hear what you’re doing
> yes this is an exclusionary point of view. STOP trying to write an email that everyone will want to read – that is the road to instant delete… it can’t be MEmail and be generic. Sales communication is one-to-one, stop thinking about reaching as many prospects as possible – start trying to reach your next best customer.

2. know the specifics on what is important to THEM
> if you don’t know what’s important to your best customers, ASK THEM. Start speaking/writing/communicating using the specific things they tell you are critical to THEIR SUCCESS that are the reasons they buy from you.

3. clever is only important if I care
> clever emails land in my inbox daily. The ones that don’t apply to me, are email NOT MEmail so they get deleted anyway. of course you must be both clever AND relevant to grab my attention.

… please note; a particular message may not resonate with your prospect today because it doesn’t resolve an issue they are CURRENTLY working on. That is ok, because if it’s remarkable – they will remember & remark on it.

Of course, there is a LOT more great stuff in his Ted Talk – check out the whole 17 minutes when you have time! Let me know what strikes you as important to you.

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