BURSTfocus Leadership

Today, instead of giving only a portion of your focus to the people on your team.

S T O P what you’re doing and give them your full attention.

* put down your phone
* turn away from the computer screen

L I S T E N and have a conversation.

#InsideSales – Are You Distracted?

milestones & cup cakes?

Today I turn 51. In January my sales career became old enough to drink (yup that was a card I received).

Perhaps those are the reasons I’m thinking of milestones (and cup cakes).

Milestones are not the end of your journey… they share with you how you are progressing along the way.

To give you an idea that you ARE getting somewhere you want to go, even if you’re not there yet.

Instead of talking about the destination, this week focus on the next milestone on your inside sales journey. Once you get there make sure you have everything you need to make it to the NEXT milestone… and so on… and so on…

As for cup cakes they are yummy and make the journey sweeter!

STOP making #InsideSales harder

Inside sales (and sales in general) isn’t EASY yet I keep running across people who make it even harder on themselves than it needs to be.

There are two distinct parts to that:

#1 –
if there is a path to success laid out for you by the organization you work for. FOLLOW IT.

Recently I observed someone create an entirely different process – because they didn’t “like” the one they were trained on. ARGH, what was that about? Well there were steps they didn’t want to take because of mental trash in their own head.

Instead of creating your own “way” – take out the trash!

#2 –
“Simplify, then add lightness”
is a Colin Chapman quote about race cars. Funny thing is it works for inside sales as well.

Getting rid of weight makes you faster everywhere. What is the dead weight in how you sell?

Here are a few answers that came up in a recent training class I did about adding lightness to the process: stop checking email every other minute, block time and BURSTfocus my way through specific activities, inclusive time stops me from wasting time, disqualify faster.

Earth shattering, nope.

Monumental in making your day feel lighter, yup.

Today do something to make your inside sales job less difficult instead of harder!


Without over thinking… right now – write down one thing you look forward to (always).

For me it’s the time of year that I begin to yearn… in earnest for my annual wintervention.

Yet if all I do is yearn and don’t physically prepare – my first day on the slopes is short.

and the next day is a little painful.

While if I take my yearning and put it into preparation, I can ski for the full day and have no after effects (who am I kidding – I’ll have a bit of tightness but nothing that will stop me from abusing gravity again the next day).

Inside sales leadership is like that.

A bit of preparation goes a long way to making things more enjoyable AND less painful.

> keeping folders of all the times you catch people doing the right things during the year – along with the improvements they’ve made = review time being easier.

> creating a call plan for your difficult “behavior” conversations = making it about the situation instead of the person.

> reading a new sales book = sales meeting inspiration that motivates your team.

I’m going to go stretch my self physically to get ready for ski season – you go stretch yourself mentally to be a great leader.

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