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Behavior Change – only YOU can make it happen!

The whole reason I’ve been talking about habits this month AND the part that takes the most intention of all is behavior change. #1 Changing our habits once they become bad habits. #2 Creating new habits when we set a new result we’re looking for. At first it will be a bit bumpy, uncomfortable, and feel just plain weird. Like rolling over a wooden bridge on your bicycle. The key is to figure out what activity… behavior… thought process… will

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and today’s flaming hoop is…

Most inside sales managers I work with seem to face one of the same issues. That each and every day there is a flaming hoop for them to jump through. PUS it’s never the same hoop, so there is the feeling that you can’t ever get ahead of the flames. Which got me thinking about fire extinguishers. Instead of lamenting the fact that there isn’t a way to get rid of the flaming hoops that pop up in your day,

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do you LOVE sales?

Here we are on Valentine’s Day, and I’m asking “do you LOVE sales?” Sounds a bit like a gimmick doesn’t it. The crazy thing is it’s not. I truly believe to be fantastic at anything, you must identify what you love about it. Here are some answers my coaching clients have given me when I asked them; do you LOVE sales? > I love solving problems > I love helping people get what they want > I love putting the

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Addressing a Salesperson’s Means & Resources (repost)

All month I’ve been writing and talking about habits. I ran across this post from January 20, 2014 that fits right in. No I’m not going to make you click to it – this is the entire thing: Today for a little twist I’d like you to think about one piece of the sales qualification process in terms of your salespeople NOT a prospect or customer! The piece of the process is to determine if they have the means and

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Have you identified your Good Sales Habits?

Habits are good when you are getting the result you want. I think that bears repeating habits are GOOD when you’re getting the results you want. Good habits get you to where you want to go without expending brain power. The marks on the road that help you stay on the pavement. That (hopefully) leaves you with extra brain power to spend on areas that need it:  Listening while in conversations  Creating deal strategy  Long term planning

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