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To allow thinking – you MUST allow mistakes!

To allow thinking – you MUST allow mistakes! Something funny happens when people think; > They come up with creative solutions. > New ideas turn into best practices. > Innovation explodes. > and mistakes happen. The crazy part is that some organizations want the creative solutions, best practices, and innovation… yet don’t allow for mistakes. Which leads to people NOT thinking because they don’t want to be in trouble. Unfortunately, not thinking stops creativity, people do what has always been

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Are you playing sales scratch off lotto?

I’ve got a question for you. Do you have a call plan or are you playing sales scratch off lotto? Where you scratch to see the winning numbers… then scratch off your portion of the ticket to see if you get a match! The sales scratch off is when you have; no call purpose (what the prospect or customer will get out of the call), no value proposition, no information to share.. YET expect to have a quality conversation and

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Don’t give in unless you share WHY

“fine, go ahead” Feel free to put whatever tone of voice you want to that quote. It happened, in what I would have thought, was mid-conversation. Not a heated one, but certainly a conversation where there were two distinct points of view. Of course, it was the abrupt end to the conversation. I guess I did get my way, but it felt more like the other person gave up vs. gave in. Lot’s of things may have been behind it:

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Be Coachable – FOREVER

My third answer to the question “What would wreck someone’s success?” is not being coachable. Now here is the crazy thing – coaching doesn’t necessarily need BIG unresolved questions to be asked. Like the sign post in the picture. Sometimes coaching: > asks you a question you didn’t think to ask yourself. > works on tweaking something vs. completely reworking it. > helps you take one step forward you wouldn’t have done on your own. > confirms what you know

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Email can NOT replace a conversation

email has no tone of voice email doesn’t allow for reactions to be gauged email can be words without meaning email should not become a series of one sentence responses Email can NOT replace a conversation As a leader and a manager – please use email as ONE of your forms of communication. It doesn’t replace having a conversation with an individual on your team. Recently I experienced a back and forth email that was seriously annoying (at least to

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