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What would wreck someone’s success?

A brand new inside salesperson asked me what turned out to be one of his interview questions in class the other day. “What would wreck someone’s success?” Which I thought was a BRILLIANT interview question, as well as an insightful one to ask during your onboarding training. After a few thoughtful moments I gave him my top 3: 1. getting caught up in perfection. 2. being trapped looking at behavior statistics without results 3. not being coachable. In the next

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Are you coaching or telling?

overheard in the gray cubes of love… “Well I told him what to do, why will he not take coaching?” ~ inside sales manager I will admit that is all of the conversation I heard – yet my brain started up a bit like a chainsaw. I started to wonder if the manager was actually coaching or merely telling people on the team what to do…. THINKING that was coaching. For a moment let’s look at the ICF Definition of

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sunshine & motivation

I have a good friend and I’ve noticed something recently. If it’s sunny – he’s motivated. Yup, a direct correlation between the two. Which got me thinking about what I don’t notice that impacts my own motivation levels. For the next three days – check your motivation five times: 1. first thing when you get in 2. mid-morning (around 10:00) 3. after lunch 4. mid-afternoon 5. right before you leave Ask yourself three questions – answering with a smile 🙂

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What are you reading? (inspired by @1022Tiger)

T. L. Richardson @1022Tiger posted an ExecutiveMafia image that says ALL GREAT LEADERS ARE READERS. with her own note; Reading is more than entertainment. It opens the mind to new possibilities. #amreading #writing #leadership #amwriting #entrepreneur I read a lot. What I haven’t ben paying attention to lately is what I’m reading. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to read for pleasure, distraction, my book club, myself. I need to get back into the habit of taking 15 minutes

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what are you doing “instead”?

Most people I work with aren’t sitting texting ou playing on their phone “instead” of working. Rather they are choosing something “instead” of a task they don’t want to do… > crafting an email response instead of calling > talking with a customer instead of prospecting > asking someone else’s advice instead of taking action on the first solution This may be true in your life outside of sales as well… > laundry instead of cleaning the bathroom > soup

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