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Q1 is over are you a quarter of the way there?

It’s the end of March. 3 months out of 12 are over. Q1 is over are you a quarter of the way there? I know that in sales we tend to go > month to month OR > quarter to quarter when we look at our progress and success. I believe it’s a big mistake to not project out further! An easy first step is to look at your progress toward an annual goal you’ve set for yourself. When I

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Where do great #InsideSales ideas come from?

“Hey Lynn, Where do great inside sales ideas come from?” is a question that I hear over and over again from people who lead and manage inside sales teams. There are three distinct answers depending on the conversation. First and most frequently given = OUTSIDE the world of sales. > many of my ideas are inspired by people who wouldn’t think of themselves as “sales experts.” Last year I answered the question who are the 18 people who inspire you?

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why is listening the most important sales skill?

I learn a lot from the students in my classes. A few weeks ago I learned a lot by a question one of the participants asked. why is listening the most important sales skill? The next 15 minutes were a great discussion around communication that got us to the answer. Here is the condensed version: > Listening allows us to hear what is important to our prospects and customers. > Hearing what is important gives us insight and understanding into

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3 reasons I love #InsideSales BINGO

Today I’d like to share the 3 reasons I love Inside Sales BINGO Reason #1 = you can play either frustration bingo OR success bingo! Choosing if you’ll track all the GREAT things you need for a successful month OR the frustrating things that happen in an inside sales job. #2 it is a contest that rewards the people on your team for doing their jobs well! It may be the behaviors that will get them to success, results that

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MEmail vs. email (inspired by @ThisIsSethsBlog)

I’m always going on… and on… and on about how prospects and customers don’t care what you do – they care what you do for THEM. add in that I’m a bit of a Ted Talk junkie and it will not surprise you that I was struck when Seth Godin said no one wants email they want MEmail. I started to think about HOW to do this more effectively as an inside sales person. Here are a few ideas to

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