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5 seconds can change your life! Inspired by Alice Kemper @bestsalestips

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 “If you don’t take action on the idea in 5 seconds, you will kill it” is what inspired me in 5 Seconds to Powerful Decisions I’m afraid to even admit to myself how many times I’ve killed my own idea by overthinking the WHAT IFs involved. Ideas that were ready to blast off, that my brain’s mission control stopped with my internal version of ‘Houston we have a problem.’ Alice gave

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Create Confidence – inspired by @DebbieMrazek

There is only one way to create confidence. Ok we know that is a big lie, but it sounded good inside my head. There are LOTS of ways to create confidence, yet all of them include the three same steps. 1. think 2. do 3. believe Think – about what you believe today and decide what you want to be true for you. Do – something to show yourself what you want to be true, is achievable. Take action! Believe

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Open a C-Suite Window – inspired by @Lisa_magnuson

I was reminded as I read Lisa’s post that the conversations we have with people higher up have to be directly tied to achieving their goals. An executive recently reminded his sales team in front of me; “You’d better QUICKLY tell me how you’ll increase revenue or decrease costs – or I’m getting off the phone.” Added to that is the timing needs to be chosen at points in the sales process where you can demonstrate what you’re doing (or

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I don’t even want to have coffee with me – inspired by Shawn Karol Sandy @SellingAgency

oh no, I’ve really done it this time. Reading Shawn Karol Sandy’s post I realized one of my messages SUCKS and it’s one I use in two versions. > with existing customers > with new prospects Now I’m not actually saying “I’d love to grab a cup of coffee and chat.” but I might as well be. Time to rewrite my messages so I’m not another zebra – indistinguishable from the rest of the sales herd. original post Dear Salesperson:

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Would you dare? Inspired by Alice Kemper @bestsalestips

“Acknowledging and appreciating success is quite a simple action to take for catapulting a quota busting sales team.” ~ Alice Kemper Every day salespeople go out and try to grasp success. Otherwise, they’d change careers. Yet most are looking for the BIT win (ok perhaps that needs to be personalized “I am looking for the BIG win”). I do believe that I am in 100% control of my attitude, so I’m going to take Alice’s advice and write down ONE

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