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Networking and Building Spheres of Influence (44:21), 1/6/08

Syracuse University Whitman School of Management
Sales coach Lynn Hidy draws on her years of expertise working to help good sales people become great in this presentation focused on building professional networks. Hidy offers a number of concrete exercises and specific steps that students can take to build relevant networks.

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“A key to unlocking sales success is to listen. Be quiet and 100% present in the current conversation.” is Lynn’s quote in the 2012 Woman’s Advantage Shared Wisdom Calendar. PLUS you can hear Lynn in the brand new complimentary 2012 Woman’s Advantage “Weekly Wisdom” series. This series allows you to hear from 52 of the calendar contributors, as they share additional insights, wisdom, and ideas based on their quote highlighted in the Calendar.

Careers from the Kitchen Table – 2nd Edition you will find Lynn on page 189 telling her story of creating “Your Own Success Definition“, plus the recipe for telesales SUCCESS!

“When you Call Me B.I.T.C.H, Smile!” is an article in the Rochester Woman Magazine, it was actually written by Susan Smith around a virtual water cooler conversation Lynn and Susan had.

How to Make the Most of Sales Skill and Technique Books is an article for anyone who has bought a book on sales that is now gathering dust up on a shelf.

Goal Setting – The Flip Side; Why We Don’t Achieve Them helps you understand the top 10 deep dark secrets on why we DON’T do what we know we need to.

Be Yourself to be More Successful is a case study written for the Hot Mommas Project who’s mission is to increase self-efficacy in women and girls by providing scalable, global, free access to role models online.

Check out The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur’s blog post 163 Ways to Become an Entrepreneur tip #119.

Keep Your Sales Up in a Down Economy e-book, you can check out Lynn’s contribution on page 39. Even more importantly, there are 18 other fantastic contributors with great ideas!