Now is the time to UpYourTeleSales is here to take you from being good, to fantastic, at using the phone and related media to up your sales!

Let’s face it, we aren’t splitting atoms here – the concepts are simple, yet as people – change is never easy. Our irreverent and fun presentation of sales tips, tricks, and concepts makes it easier for salespeople and sales leaders to implement changes to the way they sell today.

Want to Know More?

The “How we do it” section talks about all the stuff we do.

Our “Sales Skills: a-b-c” page describes the components of our inside sales training seminars and programs.

If you’re curious about how we became UpYourTeleSales the full story is a quick read.

And, if you’d like to learn more about Lynn Hidy‘s qualifications you can read the highlights of her career here.


Our Study Shows

When coaching salespeople, our efforts together typically produce a 19% increase in sales in the 6 months after they work with us!

How cool is that? Plus we only looked at money, so we didn’t count any of the hard to measure squishy improvements like; reducing stress, feeling better about your job, and meeting personal goals.

How did we prove it? We took all of our coaching clients over a 2 year period and compared their performance to a control group who didn’t participate in the coaching program (but were of similar tenure to our clients and all in the same sales organization). Not fun work for us, so we used someone who loves all that math stuff to help prove coaching works!

How do we do it? Well everything ends with YOU taking ACTION in some simple way that you can try right now! If you’re here, you are probably looking for something to get you started – check out the Coaching over Coffee blog for the latest post to get you started right now.