Sometimes we all need to LEAP in order to move forward.

Yesterday while I was skiing I thought of you from the top of Skyward on Whiteface Mtn – 3,166 feet above the bottom.

Not only is it a long way down AND a black diamond run (expert skiers only); it is also a very very steep DROP from the flat area where you get off the lift onto the trail.

People sometimes stand at the top of Skyward for a really long time…. staring down with a lump in their throat.

That feeling made me think of sales. How often are we staring down with a lump in our throat at:
> Asking a question
> Cold calling
> Trying a new technique
> Selling a new product or service
> Talking to people ‘high’ on the corporate food chain
> Calling someone new

You can feel it right now while you’re reading this can’t you?

Do me a favor – write down what got stuck in your throat, what created that lump for you.

People have shared a few reasons (and I’ve experienced them myself) why they would rather stare than leap.

Wrong trail

Perhaps your not an expert and aren’t ready to take that leap.

Take a moment and evaluate your own skill set PLUS your skill level.
1. What DON’T you know how to do that you need for that thing you wrote down.
2. Is there another way to get to the bottom? Maybe a skill you do have that will allow you to achieve the same result!
3. How can you acquire the skills you need; a mentor, training class, reading a book, etc?

Steeper than you thought

Other times, although you have the skill level required, the pitch of the trail is WAY steeper than you thought it would be.

This is when a leap of faith is required!

Intellectually you know it will work, but emotionally, you’re not so sure.
1. Don’t stare – do. As I watch people at the top of Skyward stare down the hill, I’ve realized that it doesn’t help them feel better.
2. Success will be measured after you’re done; you have to leap to prove to yourself that you can do it.
3. For us to move forward, we have to move. Don’t wait for a push – take that step yourself.

Fear of the unknown

Not being able to see below those clouds of doubt is a frightening thing – even if it is sunny where we are standing.

1. What if you go into the experience with curiosity instead of fear? Don’t worry about the result – instead think of what you will learn.
2. Think of at least one GREAT thing that has happened in your career because you explored the unknown.
3. Take a buddy with you. No one said you have to do this alone. Who do you know that will try something new with you?

What if I fall?

Worrying about falling down (or not succeeding) is probably the number one reason salespeople don’t want to try something new.

1. In many cases, FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real. Don’t allow false evidence to stop you from moving forward!
2. Play a game and admit out loud to a friend what you’re afraid will happen if you fall down – then have them ask “and what’s the worst thing that can happen?” You’ll be amazed at what you learn.
3. Worry is the negative emotion that we attach to imagined outcomes. You can either choose a different emotion OR take action to get to an actual outcome to eliminate it.

Do yourself a favor… Remember that favor I asked of you? To write down what got stuck in your throat?

Now do yourself a favor – figure out what has to happen to get rid of that lump and do it!

Then, instead of fear you’ll have exhilaration. You’ll replace dread with a smile and that lump in your throat with a deep breath; you will not believe how much fun you’ll have and the beauty you’ll see.

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