The 4 Fs of Sales Conversations

Are your salespeople missing the boat after they reach a prospect or customer – they are JUST not connecting and having good business conversations?

The Cause may be “the 4 Fs” of sales conversations. The person on the other end of the phone may be:
FRAZZLED – they can’t think about anything other than the immediate fire that needs to be extinguished.
FRUSTRATED – maybe they see what they think the future should be but can’t imagine being able to make it happen.
FUTILE – perhaps they know what needs to be done but have been shot down in the past.
FIZZLE – the fuse never gets lit, so the fireworks never go off.

Before anyone can make any changes… whether they involve you or not… your prospects and customers must have 4 resources:
• Brainpower (to think about it),
• Time (to do it),
• Money (to make it happen).
• Initiative (the will to do it).

Additional Resources they may need;
• Manpower (people to do it)
• Authority (to have other people agree)
• Approval (management has agreed to do it)
• Desire (they want to do it)

So the question to answer is “How can you begin the conversation to uncover ways we may be able to help them when all they can think of is the issue in front of them NOW?”

The key is to allow your salespeople to let go of the desire to find an opportunity RIGHT NOW. Not easy, but critical.

To unlock the conversation, after they let go of instant gratification – the salesperson MUST meet them where they are right now, today.

That is how to have a conversation and begin to build a relationship – they believe your company is a resource, and they’re not just another salesperson who is only interested in their money.

Remember, although that sounds simple – it doesn’t mean it is easy to do!

You have to help the inside salespeople on your team listen and take it from where the other person is.

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