Make your wins repeatable!

What do you have to do to make your wins repeatable?

Every athlete in the world works on this daily. Sometimes it surprises me that salespeople don’t think about repeatability more.

I would guess it’s because we are focused on the differences rather than the similarities. Making sure we don’t miss anything important.

This week, I’m going to challenge you to focus on how everything is similar;
* your customers
* the deals you win
* … you get the idea.

Now unravel what you have to listen for early on to discover that those similarities exist in every deal you find.

You already know how to win. Let’s find other opportunities that have those same problems exist on the prospect’s end. Then untilize skills, techniques, and value that you’ve already unraveled.

Another place where the “just because it’s simple, doesn’t make it easy!” #LYNNSIGHT applies.

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