Happy New Year!

You’ve read about a lot of things here on Monday’s Inside Sales Leadership Corner – commitment, gratitude, BURSTfocus, skill building, determination, failure, learning, success, celebration.

As you start your new year, my suggestion is to pick a theme of what you’d like to fill your year with. What one word would make you proud next New Year’s Eve if you could use it to describe your year?

Here are a few options: adaptable, ambitious, courageous, daring, diligent, impartial, inventive, persistent, reliable, resourceful, sincere…

Make it a word you have complete control over. Something you’d be happy for people to say behind your back.

I’d share mine, but I’ve not figured it out yet. Stay tuned.

oh and if you were expecting something about resolutions… you can check out how we started last year; I HATE New Year’s Resolutions (& why)

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