Inquiring inside sales minds want to know…

“I get 100 sales calls a day and answer maybe 5”
~ ACTUAL customer comment

No you aren’t shocked.

No you aren’t surprised.

What your inquiring inside sales mind wants to know and will find interesting his method:
1. doesn’t answer if he doesn’t know the #,
2. doesn’t bother if they don’t leave a vm,
3. deletes if it’s hard to understand them (accent or enunciation),
4. if they mispronounce his name or the company name delete.

which means:
> He isn’t answering more than 5 of 100.
> He is starting to listen to your voicemail message.
> If you don’t leave a good voicemail you’ll never get him to answer.

I don’t think my customer is all that different from yours.

Keep calling – leave effective voicemail messages – give them a reason to pick up the phone when you call!

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