Challenges #InsideSales Account Executives Face (thanks @bridgegroupinc)

I was reading The Bridge Group’s Inside Sales AE 2017 Metrics and Compensation Research Report – if you have Account Executives working for you I’d recommend it!

The Bridge Group defines an AE as an inside salesperson who is responsible for closing.

I find it interesting that although the % have changed since 2012 – the top 4 challenges remain the same (the ranking has changed slightly)
1. productivity/performance
2. recruiting & hiring
3. ramping new hires
4. forecast accuracy
… this year on-going training has tied for 4th with forecast accuracy.

Here are a few of my thoughts/observations
> if 40% of organizations find productivity/performance a challenge, how do the other 60% rate their performance?
> is the recruiting & hiring about the way we position an inside sales career or the number of people interested?
> ramping new hires has steadily become a concern for more organizations – is it the time it takes or the overall quality of work new hires produce?
> are we really better at forecast accuracy – or have people given up and reduced their expectations?
> on-going training has moved from the bottom of the list to tyied for 4th largest concern; what has changed?

I’m curious what you think!

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