Take the 30-day Challenge (fire lit by @austinkleon)

I’m giving myself a 30-day Challenge.

Here it is Every Day I Will: read something on sales AND exercise for 15-minutes.

Recently I realized that I needed to light a fire under myself and GET GOING.
Part 1 = Mentally I need new ideas and have gotten out of the habit of reading something every day.
Part 2 = Physically I need to be ready for ski season.

> worst case… I do more than I would have if I didn’t challenge myself.
> best case… after 30-days I’ll be back in the habit and groove.

How about you? What do you need to light on fire?

Looking for a resource? Check out Austin Kleon‘s version (there is even a downloadable .pdf for you to use)

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  1. dotcalm says:

    I have to do this! I may expand the reading category to sales/marketing/design/networking – something relevant to my business and goals.
    I have 20-minute mile DVDs, seems this would be the perfect opportunity to use them!
    Great time to get into this habit: mentally – because we’re coming to a new year soon and it’s good to have new tools to work with AND physically – as we’re entering the official “gathering and eating” holidays, and who doesn’t need some support mechanisms for that long, tasty season?
    I challenge others to get reading and get moving!

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