Last Minute Leadership – it’s never effective

Last year on Halloween I posted Are you wearing a sales manager costume or being yourself?

Today I’m wondering if you even KNOW what costume you’ll be wearing tomorrow.

Deciding what to be for Halloween on October 30th makes it more difficult:

1. if you KNOW what you want to be – finding all the pieces for your costume will be more difficult & time consuming (if it’s even possible at all)!

2. it will be more expensive; there are no deals on candy or costumes to be found.

3. you’ll be S R E S S I N G out and it’s much harder to be creative when your brain is running away with “what if” scenarios.

Leadership is the same way. You can’t wait until the last minute to be the BEST and most EFFECTIVE leader; you have to decide what you want your leadership style to be – then create it.

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