Without over thinking… right now – write down one thing you look forward to (always).

For me it’s the time of year that I begin to yearn… in earnest for my annual wintervention.

Yet if all I do is yearn and don’t physically prepare – my first day on the slopes is short.

and the next day is a little painful.

While if I take my yearning and put it into preparation, I can ski for the full day and have no after effects (who am I kidding – I’ll have a bit of tightness but nothing that will stop me from abusing gravity again the next day).

Inside sales leadership is like that.

A bit of preparation goes a long way to making things more enjoyable AND less painful.

> keeping folders of all the times you catch people doing the right things during the year – along with the improvements they’ve made = review time being easier.

> creating a call plan for your difficult “behavior” conversations = making it about the situation instead of the person.

> reading a new sales book = sales meeting inspiration that motivates your team.

I’m going to go stretch my self physically to get ready for ski season – you go stretch yourself mentally to be a great leader.

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