Lose a turn BUT win the game!

I was working with a salesperson recently who was devastated about losing a deal.

It was the first opportunity with a new prospect – it was big and it would have had a significant impact on her month… quarter… year.

So we talked about changing her perspective… using hopscotch believe it or not.

Now there are lots of hopscotch rule variations, but one thing seems to be consistent; if you fall, jump on or outside the lines – you lose your turn.

Yet the goal is to get to 10. So losing your turn, doesn’t automatically mean you can’t win the game.

In sales (unless you are selling something ONCE and only ONCE to each prospect) believe it or not, losing a deal doesn’t mean you’ve lost the game.

Get up, brush yourself off, and take your next turn.

Your competition may fall down more often than you do.

You can still win the prospects business, but only if you keep playing.

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