THINK inspired by @JillSalesSHIFT and @ArethaFranklin

Think About This by Jill Harrington got me to do JUST that.

Of course that is when I went to find my Blues Brothers soundtrack to listen to Aretha Franklin’s Think

“You’d better think about the consequence of your actions” ~ Aretha Franklin

“sometimes, the busyness of life, the complacency of experience, and pull of habit cause us to act without thinking.” ~ Jill Harrington

How often during your day are you acting out of habit instead of conscious intention?
> do you remember every minute of your drive to work this morning…
> what was the 7th voicemail you left yesterday…
> when is the last time you sent a quote for a reorder without talking to the customer…

You had to think didn’t you!

For the rest of this week, consider all your sales actions before you take them. You may… or may not… decide that your habit is effective for that moment.

Once you’ve taken the mental effort and done this for 10-days in a row – reevaluate the habits you’ve created and choose to keep the ones that are still effective. Toss the rest away and create your new way!

While you’re at it – buy your own copy of THINK to keep you inspired! or anything by Aretha Franklin for that matter.

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