100% changes daily

Even while I wrote “100% changes daily” it seems wrong, 100% is 100% is 100% right?

Bear with me for a moment and then let me know if you agree that your own 100% changes daily.

Some days walking along the shore feels like climbing Mt. Everest. Other days the most difficult task seems almost effortless.

Here are three days over my past month:
1. woke up with laryngitis – for an inside salesperson/coach/trainer that was seriously problematic…
2. what passes for a “typical” day for me…
3. found out that one of the aides who cares for my Mom has to have surgery…

On each of those days, me giving 100% was different. Why? Because the mental energy, physical capability, and emotional resilience available to me was different.

I’ve written about this theme before in giving your best looks differently each day

This week, take the time to evaluate your team based on this idea.

When you look at each person’s combined behavior & results:
> are they at their best, yet only giving 70%?
> are they off their game, while putting in 100% of what they have to offer?
> would you say they are giving their 100% of a good day, although if you compare them to their teammates what they have to offer isn’t up to snuff?

How does your perception change?

What do you want to do about what you discover?

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