Should I stay or should I go, that is the question…

Quick reminder that I HATE HATE HATE “Who ultimately makes the purchasing decision?”

1. On average, 6.8 people are involved in today’s B2B purchase decisions. Therefore there isn’t an “ultimate decision maker” which is what the question implies. (source CEB research via the Harvard Business Review)
2. It makes the person you’re speaking with feel like they don’t matter
3. It isn’t about working with THEM at all, it is a survey question not a conversational one.

Oh yes I get that you’re trying to decided if you should stay engaged with this prospect or go on your merry way to find the RIGHT person.


There is no RIGHT person, no ULTIMATE decision maker – there are influencers, stake holders, people with budget responsibility, various levels of purchasing authority.

Before you make any decisions please understand:
> the persons role inside their organization
> their reputation and level of influence
> how the purchasing process works
> where they fit into the buying process

Keep prospect, keep qualifying, keep building multiple relationships in every organization you sell to… and want to sell to.

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