Would you dare? Inspired by Alice Kemper @bestsalestips

“Acknowledging and appreciating success is quite a simple action to take for catapulting a quota busting sales team.” ~ Alice Kemper

Every day salespeople go out and try to grasp success. Otherwise, they’d change careers.

Yet most are looking for the BIT win (ok perhaps that needs to be personalized “I am looking for the BIG win”).

I do believe that I am in 100% control of my attitude, so I’m going to take Alice’s advice and write down ONE daily win before I log out and close up shop each day.

I’ll report back in September.

The question is would you dare hold a 5:00 Blast for at least 4 weeks with your team?

original post I Dare You to Do a 5:00 Sales Blast by Alice Kemper

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