I don’t even do demos… inspired by @JaniceMars

It’s funny how when you’re looking for good ideas from other people’s stuff you learn “stuff” that you wouldn’t otherwise.

In the subject line of Janice Mars post is the word demo – I don’t do demos, so I’ll be honest I would NEVER have read the post except she shared it with me as one of her favorites.

Then near the end this hit me…

“Use the demo to validate if this is a deal that you have a high percentage chance of winning.” ~ Janice Mars

That is true of any demo… proposal… quote… whatEVER you do in your business to move to the next phase of the sales process.

As salespeople we need to validate early and often that we have a high percentage chance of winning.

Not hope.

Not happy ears.

Not winging it.

Put validation all along the way, with multiple people in the prospects organization.
> is the influencer willing to go to bat for you?
> does the decision making team believe in the CONCEPT of what you’re selling?
> is there an executive champion who wants to work with you?
> will purchasing help you move through their process?

original post Why Rushing to Demo is a Big Deal Killer by Janice Mars

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