Read Other People’s Stuff!

As a leader I know you read, I know you check out blogs, I know you are always working to be the best you can be.

I have a suggestion.

For the month of August read other people’s stuff. People you’ve not yet had the opportunity to check out. Ask people you admire for recommendations. Ask people who think differently than you do who they read.

Go outside your industry – outside of sales – outside of your comfort zone.

Look for things that challenge your assumptions.

New ideas that make you THINK.

I try and do this all the time. I’m in a book club of women who I adore – that always choose books I wouldn’t ever pick myself.

That was when I noticed I’d gotten a bit lazy about doing that in my inside sales world.

So I asked a group of women sales experts I know to share their favorite blog post (that they’ve written) with me.

I’m going to read them and share with you what I learned, along with a link to their full post so you can read it too.

Take the time this August to read other people’s stuff.

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