Expedient is NOT the same as Responsive

I was working with an inside salesperson on deal strategy the other day when something interesting came up.

She had gathered all the details, put together a proposal, and couldn’t get the prospect back on the phone.

Emotionally – she wanted to send the proposal.

Naturally, I asked why.

“I want him to see me as being responsive”

Ok, I get that, but how do we know what responsive is to the prospect if they aren’t talking with us?

Responsive requires an understanding of what is expected.

QUICK was what the salesperson brought up in this particular situation… so I asked;
> does quick mean – in the next 10-minutes, today, this week, this month?
> and what is needed quickly – the proposal or delivery?

Neither were understood.

As our strategy session progressed, we came up with a plan and DIDN’T send the proposal over.

In the end the salesperson said, “I guess I wanted to be expedient not responsive.”

Definition of expedient
1 : suitable for achieving a particular end in a given circumstance
2 : characterized by concern with what is opportune; especially : governed by self-interest


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