Be Coachable – FOREVER

My third answer to the question “What would wreck someone’s success?” is not being coachable.

Now here is the crazy thing – coaching doesn’t necessarily need BIG unresolved questions to be asked. Like the sign post in the picture.

Sometimes coaching:
> asks you a question you didn’t think to ask yourself.
> works on tweaking something vs. completely reworking it.
> helps you take one step forward you wouldn’t have done on your own.
> confirms what you know is actually true.

Striving to be a little bit better at what you do, requires an outside view.

Another person looking at your current situation, where you want to end up, and working with you to get you there – faster.

If you don’t ask for help, success takes a lot longer to obtain.
If you don’t take action on new ideas, you’ll be stuck where you are.
If you don’t accept coaching, you’ll never achieve top results.

Be Coachable – FOREVER

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