what is YOUR edible menu?

WHAT is an edibile menu and what does it have to do with sales?

Last month I was thrilled to go to a Cirque du Soleil performance for the first time. I may never go again so purchased the VIP tickets (oh so worth it).

From the moment we arrived at the theater the transformation from mundane to magical began.

I do believe that a prospect or customer’s experience with you needs to be more magical than mundane. Yet today I want to talk with you about an edible menu.

Seems ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Replace ridiculous with BRILLIANT and you’d be right!

from the venue’s perspective
> novel idea
> no waste
> distracts from the waiting

from the audience member perspective
> something I’d never even considered – perspective shift
> wanting to know if it would taste good – I ate the whole thing as part of the appetizer course
> laughing at the absurdity – setting a tone of wonder for the evening

Which got me thinking about sales every day – what can we use as our edible menu?

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