The Sales Leader’s Problem Solver by Suzanne Paling

Suzanne Paling came out with The Sales Leader’s Problem Solver earlier this year. I’ve been reading chapters as the mood strikes me.

I should say, as a client runs into a problem that sounds like the chapter heading.

Each chapter addresses a problem that sales teams face. They start with a story and move into solution seamlessly.

The great part is Suzanne takes each story and breaks it down into the actual problem, gives consultative ways to address it, PLUS how to make the change stick for your organization.

If any of these 15 topics sound like things you face, pick up a copy of Suzanne’s book and be on your way to a solution!

1. The Inconsistent Sales Rep
2. Selling Only to Existing Customers
3. Social Media Paralysis
4. Salesperson Fiefdom
5. Trouble With Titles
6. CRM Non-Compliance
7. The Mysterious Remote Salesperson
8. Unethical Behavior
9. Misaligned Territories
10. The Selling Sales Manager
11. The Superstar Sales Manager
12. Loosely Defined Sales Cycle
13. The Mediocre Rep
14. Unqualified VP of Sales
15. High Base Salary

All real stories, all real world problems, all with a way you can solve them.

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