time to stop waiting & start doing

In the past few weeks I’ve had conversations with multiple salespeople at different companies and all have been stuck in waiting mode.

Not that they aren’t working. Yet for each person, SOMETHING is pushing off their normal activity level and has them almost paralyzed.

Things like;
> knowing the PO is on its way for a deal that will almost double her sales production for the year
> having a trade show that typically brings in LOTS of leads in 2-weeks
> hearing a rumor that territory shifts will be announced at the next sales meeting

In each scenario, there is nothing the salesperson could do to impact change right now.

Still, their brains were focused on the “thing” and it set them up in waiting mode – like a tire swing in winter, waiting for spring and summer to arrive.

Sound familiar?

Next time you’re stuck in waiting mode, my suggestion is to stop waiting & start doing.

Do all of the things that will;
> set you up to find the NEXT big deal
> help you uncover the most profitable leads at the trade show
> make sure your account data is clean and accurate

Do all of the things you know will make you successful REGARDLESS of what is out there on the horizon that you have no control over.

Brush off your mental tire swing, kick the snow out of your way and get moving.

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