Is talking with you worth a prospects time? (inspired by @kgreenstreet)

Last week I was reading Karyn Greenstreet’s newsletter A Smarter Kind of Free Offer for Your Audience and started thinking.

Yes, it’s a dangerous habit of mine.

Thinking that the free offer an inside salesperson has to step up isn’t a download to capture contact information – instead, it is their WHY SHOULD I TALK WITH YOU offer.

Maybe even better…. WHY SHOULD I TALK WITH YOU, NOW offer.

Karyn started off with “A simple Google search can yield a huge amount of information and ideas. There are all kinds of articles and videos your prospects can consume to get the basic information about your topics.”

>> information is EVERWHERE so sharing information isn’t worth a prospects time.

Plus mentions “Your prospects are busy people. Yes, they can Google your topic and find a huge cache of information, but they don’t know what’s important, what pitfalls might appear, and how to implement all these ideas. And they don’t have the time to figure it all out.

>> insight, best practices, success stories, things to watch out for; this is what a prospect needs you for.

The value the salesperson gets = access.

The value the prospect gets = expertise.

Which brings up an important point.

NOT only do you need to have something your prospect consider valuable, you need to be able to deliver it in your conversation!

They are not making a purchase to get it – it’s your conversation cost of entry payment.

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