MEmail vs. email (inspired by @ThisIsSethsBlog)

I’m always going on… and on… and on about how prospects and customers don’t care what you do – they care what you do for THEM.

add in that I’m a bit of a Ted Talk junkie and it will not surprise you that I was struck when Seth Godin said no one wants email they want MEmail.

I started to think about HOW to do this more effectively as an inside sales person. Here are a few ideas to consider implementing:

1. write for people who SPECIFICALLY wants to hear what you’re doing
> yes this is an exclusionary point of view. STOP trying to write an email that everyone will want to read – that is the road to instant delete… it can’t be MEmail and be generic. Sales communication is one-to-one, stop thinking about reaching as many prospects as possible – start trying to reach your next best customer.

2. know the specifics on what is important to THEM
> if you don’t know what’s important to your best customers, ASK THEM. Start speaking/writing/communicating using the specific things they tell you are critical to THEIR SUCCESS that are the reasons they buy from you.

3. clever is only important if I care
> clever emails land in my inbox daily. The ones that don’t apply to me, are email NOT MEmail so they get deleted anyway. of course you must be both clever AND relevant to grab my attention.

… please note; a particular message may not resonate with your prospect today because it doesn’t resolve an issue they are CURRENTLY working on. That is ok, because if it’s remarkable – they will remember & remark on it.

Of course, there is a LOT more great stuff in his Ted Talk – check out the whole 17 minutes when you have time! Let me know what strikes you as important to you.

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