STOP the fear cycle!

Monday I mentioned that courage isn’t the absence of fear.

Most people I’ve met over the years aren’t exactly forthcoming with what they ARE afraid of.

Especially to their boss.

Especially when the fear is around what they’re required to do for career success.

This typically means they hide their fear, instead of embracing courage. Thinking it will go away – if hidden deeply enough.

The crazy thing about courage is you’re still AFRAID, yet you are choosing not to let the fear control your actions.

Today’s challenge is to bring your fear out into the light. Share your fear with a friend… a coach… maybe even your boss!

It will amaze you at how insignificant it sounds out loud to someone who believes in you.

Here are a few I’ve heard recently:
> I’m a fraud and can’t do this job.
> I’m not going to be able to keep up with my bills.
> My kids will have to take out loans to go to college.
> I’ll lose this deal.
> I don’t make goal.

Notice that all of them could begin with “what if”?

Most of our fears are around not knowing. Knowing requires action. Hiding your fear means you’ll never know.

Stop the fear cycle!

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