CELEBRATE Success (especially the little ones)

My #4 Top 5 #InsideSales Leadership Tips (for my 50th) is Ignoring success doesn’t breed more success. Celebrate & make it repeatable!

In my own day, with my teams, and my clients – I look for the little moments of success to CELEBRATE.

I find that if I can catch people doing the right things, they do MORE of them.

I’m not a psychologist but it probably has something to do with positive reinforcement.

It also has something to do with accountability. When someone tells me about their goals and the actions they will take to get themselves there; they EXPECT me to hold them accountable.

When I catch them doing what they’ve committed to, it reinforces the action.

Plus all those little moments create habits. Those good sales habits add up to HUGE success. Celebrate them all.

I also think it helps with my attitude… the more good actions I catch people doing, the better I feel… the better I feel the more I look for people doing the right things. That is another thing to celebrate!

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