Decisions require – brainpower, time, and money (3 of 3)

Here we are in part 3 of 3. Part 1 focused on brainpower, part 2 on time. Which leaves money!

Decisions require – brainpower, time, and money is one of my mantras.
1. brainpower to think about the change.
2. time to implement it.
3. money to spend in making it happen.

Today let’s focus on MONEY

This is not a PRICE decision – it is about money as an available resource.

Price conversations come AFTER a decision has been made to spend money. At that point, the decision is about both who to spend money with and how much it will cost (which will be NEXT week’s post).

If using brainpower and time to implement are available – a decision will still not be made if money isn’t available to make it happen.

As salespeople, we ask questions about money for this very reason!

“is there money allocated for __________?”
“what does the budget for this look like?”
“how will people react when you tell them it will cost $$$ to do this?”

Side Note: in business, there are times when budgeting exercises have to be done to make money available at a later date.

As a salesperson, you have to decide (see there is one of those pesky decisions) whether the “if I get the money approved” is worth spending your brainpower and time on a budget proposal.

The money it costs you is in potential lost revenue because you weren’t working with prospects and customers who have their money right now.

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