Where are you putting your effort?

The third of my Top 5 #InsideSales Leadership Tips (for my 50th) is NEVER, ever put more effort into someone’s success than they are willing to put in to put into themselves.

Once upon a time, I thought that if I believed in someone enough to put effort into their success, they would wake up and believe in themselves.

Now I realize I can share my belief, yet can’t MAKE anyone believe anything or do anything.

Take the time to look at the members of your team and uncover the truth. Are you putting your effort into people who are OR aren’t putting effort into their own careers?

It may be as simple as asking them a few questions:
1. what is the last thing you read about sales?
2. how much time each week do you put into creating (talk tracks, opening statements, etc)?
3. what training have you gone to this month?
4. how are you making sure you implement the things you learn?

Now ask yourself:
1. how much time each week do you put into helping this salesperson directly?
2. what efforts are you putting in when they’re not around (account/territory assistance, problem-solving, etc)?
3. are you spending time looking for solutions to help them be more successful?
4. what time do you spend preparing for coaching sessions and meetings you have with them?

What does the math say? It isn’t an exact science, but sometimes the lopsided nature of the result says it all.

Only put effort into the people who are putting effort into themselves.

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