Decisions require – brainpower, time, and money (1 of 3)

Over the next three Wednesday’s we will explore decision making. The interesting thing is; in sales training we talk about how prospects and customers make decisions, yet the majority of salespeople don’t make the connection that they are making decisions as well.

Read this once with your salesperson hat on and think about your prospects and customers decision making process.

Then reread it thinking about yourself and how you make decisions.

Decisions require – brainpower, time, and money is one of my mantras.
1. brainpower to think about the change.
2. time to implement it.
3. money to spend in making it happen.

Today let’s focus on BRAINPOWER

To make any decision, the person making the decision has to have the mental capacity to think about the change.

Here are a few of the things people think about off the top of my head:
* why should I bother?
* how badly is what I’m doing now working?
* what is the risk of changing?
* what is the consequence of doing nothing?
* how much better will it be after I change?
* how much effort will this take?

Then if we add in the thoughts they have when other people are involved in the change:
* how will (insert name/names/team/department here) react to this idea?
* what do other people have to do to make this work?
* how much of their effort will it take?
* what impacts will it have on them?
* do they even care?
* will they support me?

I’m exhausted reading that list, how about you?

Thinking takes effort.

Using brainpower is a bit like exercising muscles. The weightier the decision, the more difficult it becomes.

The more decisions there are to be made; thinking about something new becomes like a fitness instructor asking for “10 more reps” at the end of an exercise class.

The brain feels sweaty, tired, and some days can’t bring itself to think about ONE – MORE – THING.

Start to listen for available brainpower:
1. in your sales calls.
2. in your own mind.

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