ONE daily micro-action for sales self improvement

idea-605766I have an idea, This year, lets take ONE microaction every single day to make ourselves better salespeople.

Here are the first 11 that popped into my head:
1. make one more dial before I get up from my desk
2. always have a customer facing message
3. do 3 minutes of research
4. pick one account to deep dive into weekly
5. read for 15 minutes every day
6. find a NEW source of inspiration
7. ask a friend to share new music
8. DON’T open email until 9:00
9. ask for help
10. smile more
11. ask for more feedback

Think of what you’ll know, the skills you will master, the opportunities you’ll uncover – if every day you resolve to take ONE micro-action.

Stop hanging out in mediocrity, start challenging yourself;
> Make it micro
> Do it daily
> Skyrocket your skills

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