What are you passionate about?

029As I was riding up the gondola at Whiteface Mountain, I was thinking about passion.

I’ve been skiing for a long time… it was less expensive to get a family pass and outfit three kids with used gear than to get a babysitter each week. My Mom was the one who drove the passion. She claims we never complained or said, “do we have to go?” (even as teenagers).

What is ONE thing about being a leader that you are passionate about?

The ONE thing that you’ve never complained or said, “do I have to…?”

It is important to have passion in for your career, yet there will always be things we don’t love. Instead of dwelling on those, let’s focus on the passion.

Make your list, you’ve gotten started with the first so you aren’t staring at a blank page.

Then make sure EVERY SINGLE DAY you work to fill it with the areas of leadership you’re passionate about. Look for opportunities where you can use your passion to drive your team’s success.

You may even find that minimizes the time you are forced to spend on that stuff you don’t love.

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