Count your team’s success

man-879094I’m going to challenge you this week, to count your team’s success.

Write down every person on your team’s name and go about catching them doing the right things.

Yup, look for the opportunity to write down every time you catch them practicing Inside Sales Success factors.

Here is what someone’s list looked like last week (of course I’ve changed the names so you don’t try and guess who’s team it is):

> Margaret – split research off from call time, made 5 more dials than her average, stayed late and made “one more call”, found an opportunity with a new account, sold something every day this week.
> Sarah – made a call to a disgruntled customer 1st thing, had her day planned before she left the night before, combined her call message with a marketing blog post, reached out via social media to make a connection, added on to an order by calling after the PO arrived for one more thing.
> Jonathan – used previous industry knowledge to build rapport with a tough prospect, has time set for calling on his calendar and honors it, took the time to write a new/more effective voicemail, followed up voicemail messages with email.

The best part is the sales manager started having morning conversations with the team about the successes he saw the day before. By the end of the week, the team was looking forward to their morning meetings.

At the end of the second week; salespeople were pointing out successes they had seen with their cube mates that the manager wasn’t around for.

Success breeds success.

Count it.

Recognize it.

Make your salespeople know you care.

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