disqualification can be a good thing! inspired by @davidabrock

business chart and womanIf we’ve worked together on prospecting, you’ve heard me say – all answers are good ones, not just the ones you want to hear.

I’ve even equated disqualification with ice cream (DQ) to make you feel better about it.

What David Brock says in 22 CRAZY SALES TIPS THAT ACTUALLY WORK!! is to actually FOCUS on disqualification. Hmmmm, now that is an interesting twist.

The point being if you have deals in your pipeline that will never close, you’re wasting your time.

I do believe that time and attitude are the only two things we have control of. Which got me thinking that I need to take control of my disqualification and make sure I’m not squandering my time, which erodes my attitude.

How about you?

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  1. Dave Brock says:

    Thanks for sharing this Lynn! As I look at sales people’s pipelines, too often they are bloated with low quality deals, driven by wishful thinking. We waste too much time on those deals, diverting time from the deals that are “ours,” where we can provide great value.

    We aren’t going to win deals that are outside our sweet spots. We aren’t going to win deals where the customer has no urgency or commitment to change. So don’t waste your time!

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