“company referral blitz” by @TheSalesHunter

dreamstime_m_43671659WHY didn’t I think of that? is exactly what I thought after reading Mark Hunter’s tip in 22 CRAZY SALES TIPS THAT ACTUALLY WORK!!

I’ve run and participated in prospecting blitz days, power hours, and worked on different ways of keeping up calling enthusiasm.

BUT “company referral blitz” never crossed my mind.

Which is why I love reading all the tips in this eBook. Smart people sharing quick tips and actionable ideas.

Plus – then you don’t’ have to think of it, just take a tip and twist it to meet your team’s needs. Hey I’m going to have my own “company referral blitz” day next week – how about you?

(shameless self-promotion) Of course, if you’d like a little help running a blitz for your team, give me a call.

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