take the pain out of gaining access to high level prospects

Most sales managers are always looking for resources that combine motivation, best practices, mixed with a touch of “see I’m not the only one saying that!”

dreamstime_l_40551246Well here is a great one put out by the Chief Antagonist over at A Sales Guy – Keenan, he collected 22 tips (that actually work) from people like me. It’s a great resource, you should download it today and start using it with your team.


Today let’s look at Barbara Weaver Smith‘s idea on company research… now before you say HOW is that about leadership? I’ll tell you!

Action Item: this week I want you to pull the report Barbara mentions for one of the top prospects for every salesperson on your team.

Part 2: ask them if they want to have a 15 min strategy conversation on how they can use the information they find to gain access to higher level decision makers.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Barbara “Don’t assume you know it all; just develop a context for informed questions and knowledgeable conversation.” Download the ebook to read the whole thing!

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