On Monday I ‘fessed up and admitted I’ve forgotten how to work effectively.

I did promise to keep you updated on my progress via the twitter-verse (see below) and share my revelations on Wednesday.


1. I immediately felt better because I was working a plan. Now that might be a personality thing, but I think everyone would have a slight sense of relief in the belief they can make their situation better.

2. I am LESS overwhelmed, although in no way caught up.

3. Using #BURSTfocus tied with a reward worked even better for me. On Tuesday I made a lunch date with a friend, that was TIED to completion of two one-hour sessions before we went.

4. Right now, my brain can tolerate 3 one-hour #BURSTfocus sessions, in the 4th I find it harder to keep my concentration.

3:00 pm micro-goal = respond to requests received today EVEN if it is only to acknowledge I’m working on what is needed #BURSTfocus #LYNNSIGHT

3:50 pm communication updated, today’s “must do” list 2 to more to go, & thanks given to those who could wait until tomorrow #BURSTfocus #LYNNSIGHT

5:00 pm I already feel better! Now time to create my #BURSTfocus and goals for Tuesday! #LYNNSIGHT

5:11 pm Activity list for Tuesday created, seeing if I can jump start my productivity in the next 49 minutes! #BURSTfocus #LYNNSIGHT

7:34 am 1st item checked OFF my list for the day #BURSTfocus #LYNNSIGHT

1:23 pm two #BURSTfocus hours mean I’ve gotten a lot done, next session will be from 2:30 – 3:30… of course I’m still working 🙂 #LYNNSIGHT

3:14 pm day full of customer conversations = #BURSTfocus DISTRACTION (even if it is a good distraction) #LYNNSIGHT

4:13 pm
done w/ #BURSTfocus for the day – list for Wednesday includes two power hours and one hour of administrative email “stuff” #LYNNSIGHT

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