I’ve forgotten how to work effectively.

dreamstimeextrasmall_41023303I have a confession to make. My personal life has challenged my work life this year, especially since the middle of June.

I realized on Monday – my 1st day of a week I thought I’d have no distractions – that I’ve forgotten how to work effectively.

at 2:33 pm I’m taking time out to write this post and to regroup.

Step 1 – use BURSTfocus to kick start my effort
> set micro goals for the next hour
> determine what I want to accomplish tomorrow before quitting for the evening.
> schedule activities in 1-hour increments in my online calendar

Give you all updates throughout the week. I’ll be using #BURSTfocus #LYNNSIGHT on twitter. but only once every hour our two to honor my schedule.

PLUS Wednesday’s post will be about what I’m learning.

Peace, Out.

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