Fall in love with Monday!

2016-10-07-14-21-55I’ve noticed something about success and Monday.

It is tough to be successful in your career if you dread Monday.

It may be impossible to be successful if you begin that feeling of dread sometime late Sunday morning.

Perhaps the time has come to change your point of view.
> Monday is a fresh start
> Monday gives me 5-days to move forward
> On Monday I can create the week I want to have

Like the seasons change, you can change your Monday point of view.

It isn’t going to be easy, as simple as it sounds. Here are some steps to try this week:

1. pick one thing that is 100% in your control you want to accomplish this week.
2. every day write down one success you’ve had which moves you toward that accomplishment, no matter how insignificant it may seem.
3. on Friday read those successes out loud… yup especially the out loud part.
4. celebrate how far you’ve come!

Now REPEAT weekly.

Let me know what you uncover, about yourself… your career choice… your ability to fall in love with Monday.

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