as a leader, you still have to sell the problem you solve!

“sell the problem you solve not the product.” ~ unknown*

dreamstime_xs_10106072I had an interesting conversation with a sales leader this week.

He expressed the difficulty of getting people who were “hitting their numbers” to engage in a particular behavior.

Now the behavior itself isn’t what is important. I’ve heard the same complaint about: prospecting, being on time to work.. or internal meetings, adding information to the CRM, and many many more!

The behavior you want is the product you MUST tie to a problem.

From a salesperson’s perspective: hey I’m making myself and you money… BACK OFF

Yet from a leader’s perspective there are things you know:
1. the company needs done
2. will make the salesperson even more successful
3. ensure continued success

Unfortunately those are all YOUR reasons, not the salespersons.

Until you as their leader, understand the problems the salesperson does have AND then tie the behavior you want, to solving their problem – you’re out of luck.

Today look at your TOP PERFORMERS and ask yourself if you know the problems they are trying to solve. If not, it it probably time for a conversation.

Once you understand the problem – figure out how to tie it to the behaviors you need them to do consistently (and they don’t).

Now you’ve taken the exclaimation point off their chest and moved them in the right direction.

* I say the author is unknown because although attributed to many I couldn’t find a first source

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