Influence, Mind-set, & Success (instigated by @iannarino)


Anthony Iannarino hit the bullseye when he tied the mind-set skills he outlines in the first half of The Only Sales Guide you’ll Ever Need together with influence.

To paraphrase Anthony Taken together, the first nine elements of sales success build influence because they help you develop the characteristics that influence requires.

Influence is required not only for sales success, it is also a necessary component of leadership and management success.

Think about yourself – without influence, you can’t convince anyone to do anything.

Think about your team – without influence, they can’t turn suspects into prospects or transform prospects into customers.

Here is the direct correlation right from the book –
> self-discipline: People who are unable or unwilling to keep the commitments they make to themselves can’t influence others.
> optimism: no one follows someone who believes that success is impossible.
> caring: the more caring you are, the greater your influence.
> competitiveness: no one is influenced positively by someone who is apathetic about winning.
> resourcefulness: when you create positive outcomes and find a way where none previously existed, you become highly influential.
> initiative: actions speak louder than words.
> persistence: your indomitable spirit… impresses others.
> communication: truly understand your clients – their world, views, ideas, and values makes you more influential.
> accountability: is an act of caring, and caring creates trust, which is the foundation of influence.

I’ll leave you to preorder The Only Sales Guide you’ll Ever Need to get the how-to part. That is one of the things I love about the book – it doesn’t stop at an idea, it helps you implement them.

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