Self-Discipline: The Art of “Me Management” (thanks @iannarino)

away-1019796“self-discipline is the difference between success and failure.” ~ Anthony Iannarino

There it was on the first page of the first chapter.

One of those insights that hit me between the eyes. Perhaps the quintessential example of my “just because it’s simple doesn’t make it easy” #LYNNSIGHT.

So, of course, I started thinking, great now give us the how-to pretty please and thank you.

(page turns)

“Most people don’t fail because they can’t do something. They fail because they aren’t willing to do what it takes to succeed.” ~ Anthony Iannarino

Stop reading and grab a blank piece of paper.

Write down one thing you WANT to achieve for your inside sales success, before the end of the calendar year.

I’m going to ask you three questions:
1. What conscious or unconscious commitments do you have that will STOP you from achieving that piece of inside sales success?
2. What are you willing to give up to achieve your goal?
3. What do you have to commit to doing to get there?

Here is a NON-sales example to get you going.

Lynn Hidy will have the leg strength to ski Whiteface Mtn top to bottom on day 1 of the ski season.
1. current commitments that will STOP me from achieving that:
> that my travel schedule makes exercise too difficult
> 15-minutes is still hard to fit in
> exercise is boring
2. I am willing to give up:
> 15-minutes of sleep
> my “it’s too difficult” mindset
3. I commit to:
> buying a yoga mat
> doing my standing Qigong exercises daily – starting TODAY
> riding my bike 10 miles or more weekly

Now I will need to work on some of the other ideas in chapter one: willpower, fortitude, accountability to actually achieve my goal.

In The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need Anthony goes into the idea of routine SALES maintenance (where my non-sales example was about physical routine maintenance), along with five ways to develop self-discipline.

Start to master the art of “Me Management” by preordering the book today!

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