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I’ll admit it.

When I first heard the title of Anthony Iannarino’s new book – I thought WOW that is arrogant.

Then I read it.

iannarinoAlthough I’m not sure it is The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need, it certainly is an essential one to have on your bookshelf.

On every page I’ve highlighted things, I’ve tabbed multiple pages (as you can see) for easy reference, and am completely impressed by how well the concepts can be turned into action.

The book is broken down into 2 parts; Mind-Set and Skill-Sets.

Anthony understands “Can’t, Won’t, Don’t Know How” I use with my clients (that was developed by Dr. Hannah Rudstam of Cornell University, School of Industrial & Labor Relations, 2005).

Too often the sales managers and leaders I work with, see mindset as a squishy soft skill that can’t be tracked and therefore can be ignored.

Unfortunately ignoring the inside stuff ends up impacting all those things that can be tracked; prospecting, calling, sales numbers, etc.

Anthony lays out not only the ideas but ways to improve your sales attributes of:
1. self-discipline
2. optimism
3. caring
4. competitiveness
5. resourcefulness
6. initiative
7. persistence
8. communication
9. accountability

You may think you know the science of sales. You probably have had training on the following list before.

If you aren’t where you want to be with your sales results, it may be a skill set that needs tweaking. You’ll not only change how you view each skill, it will also give you ways to improve on:
11. closing
12. prospecting
13. storytelling
14. diagnosing
15. negotiating
16. business acumen
17. change management
18. leadership

To quote Anthony “knowing something and not taking action – is the same as not knowing it.” The first action you can take is to buy The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need!

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